A Customer Letter

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August 15, 2013 by b2bwest


I’m a nice customer. Businesses know and value me.

I’m the one who never complains no matter what kind of service I get.

When I am making a purchase, I don’t throw my weight around. I try to be considerate of the other people.

If I get an impatient sales person who gets nettled because I want to look at several things before I make up my mind, I’m as polite as can be; I don’t believe rudeness in return is the answer.

I never insist on discounts, complain, or criticize, nor would I dream of making a scene as I’ve seen people doing in public places.

No I’m the nice customer, but I’m also the nice customer that never comes back!

That’s my only response for being treated as a nuisance and suffering your poor service, because I know I’m not coming back. This way doesn’t immediately relieve my feelings, but in the long run it’s far more satisfying than blowing my top. If you asked, I would be happy to share some thoughts for improvement, but you do not value opionions.

In fact, a nice customer like myself, multiplied by others of my kind, can ruin a business. And there are a lot of nice people just like me. When we get pushed far enough, we seek another supplier where they appreciate nice customers, even if the price is
slightly higher .

l smile when I see you frantically advertising offers to get me back, when you could have kept me in the first place with the right attitude, a few kind words and a maybe even a smile.

Your business situation might be “different”, but if business is bad, the liklyhood is that if you change your attitude (from the top management down) , the word will circulate and I’ll change from the nice customer who never comes back to the nice customer
who regularly comes back — and tells his friends.

Sounds like your fate is in your own hands….!

— AnonymousImage


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