6th Century Innovation – A master Brand identity


March 17, 2013 by b2bwest

ImageSaint Patrick as an Innovator  and Brand Leader – A lesson in 6th Century Marketing


After being captured from Wales as a slave, returning home and becoming ordained as a priest, later returning to spread the gospel in Ireland, there are a few lessons that we might correlate to marketing today.

In attempting to convey the concept of the Holy Trinity to the native Irish in the 6th Century, he chose a small familiar plant (Shamrock) and through storytelling and Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing was able to simply identify his message with a familiar item, creating an enduring brand identity. He reputedly drove the snakes out of Ireland, strengthening his own brand, as there have not been snakes in Ireland since the 6th Century (if they existed in Ireland before).

To reinforce the brand, the colour Green was attached to Ireland’s identity.  In terms of brand advocates, the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade today  will be celebrated by Millions of Irish and non Irish will advocate the ‘wearing of the Green’ and proudly partake in celebrations Worldwide.

Is that an enduring advocacy or not?

For those whoare unsure on how to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, Simple instructions are listed

on http://www.wikihow.com/Celebrate-St.-Patrick’s-Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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